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  • sir whenever i watch your videos i am able to gain maximum confidence in physics.....thank you sir for such a great site....

    2 weeks ago by sai charan  ( Hyderabad )
  • Best education site online, no doubt.

    2 weeks ago by Rakesh  ( Chennai )
  • Sir, your lectures are really the best for revision.Thank You

    2 weeks ago by Siddharth Agrawal  ( Bhopal )
  • Sir your lectures are really very nice .It gives me immense pleasure that you are my teacher and I understand the concepts of physics very thoroughly by watching your video lectures .

    3 weeks ago by Yash Selot  ( Jabalpur )
  • Thank you for making this video lectures . This makes my physics concepts really stronger & make physics more interesting..

    3 weeks ago by Sarthak Jain  ( indore )
  • sir you have done great job especially for those who can't afford heavy price of coaching institute......your way of teaching is incomparable to others

    3 weeks ago by garima singh kharwar  ( bhagalpur(bihar) )
  • this site is like a "HEAVEN" for home studying students like 'ME' and others also.......thank uuuuu........so much for such a gr8 work....

    4 weeks ago by Nitish  ( Darbhanga )
  • First of all, I am very thankful to you for your efforts in this site. Your lectures are very easy to understand even the difficult topic of physics. I regularly study by PG. It has build my concepts stronger... Again thank you very much Sir...

    4 weeks ago by Arun Dhakad  ( Guna - Madhya Pradesh , India )
  • sir yours books are excellent and questions in tham are mind blowing

    1 months ago by hirulakhotia  ( bikaner )
  • sir i have no words about how these lectures are helping me. its a great great work. i am a fan of yours sir

    1 months ago by vishal  ( neemuch )
  • Very well

    1 months ago by Dinesh shinde  ( Nashik )
  • its the best website to understand the concepts involved in physics.you have made physics very interesting.thanks for taking pain to make us understand physics

    1 months ago by ADHARSH P  ( mysore )
  • Thanks to you sir and your whole team for such a noble work, physics galaxy gives me a daily boost to study Physics with a quite interesting way.

    1 months ago by Hemant  ( Yamunanagar )
  • I am a favorite physics teacher for number of students over a decade and you are the one and only favorite teacher for me.you touch the concept straight away very clearly.each word spelt by spelt by you is relared to the concept only.no deviations. simply su...perb.more over you are a very good human being .you are taking very pain to impart application skills to the students all over the world.I really bow my head for your humanity,hard work and excellence.you are a god gifted person to a number of students.

    1 months ago by vijay kumar  ( vijayawada )
  • In this era of commercialization, sir proved that education is worth above it ! Hats off sir, this site is really a hlping hand for students like me who cant leave their home to study in other place.

    1 months ago by Anand Rahangdale  ( Gondia )
  • good site wid gr8 efforts

    1 months ago by pranav  ( mumbai )
  • It is really fun to learn physics by this website . It is really amazing.

    1 months ago by Yash Selot  ( Jabalpur )
  • Very good website... makes physics fun to learn

    1 months ago by Himansh  ( Greater Noida )
  • your lec are to amazing ,m in 12th now and preparing for iitjee ,till the last month i was not knowing a dx physics ,bt now i have became an xpert

    1 months ago by ameya  ( mumbai )
  • excellent....excellent..excellent

    1 months ago by yo yo  ( bundi )
  • I must say...AWESOME work...and that too for free...hats off to you. The only thing i wanted is can you make an app available for this site or make online assignments available from smartphone. It would be a great help

    2 months ago by Vaibhav Maheshwari  ( Ajmer )
  • it is nice opportunity to learn physics. Thank you!

    2 months ago by Abebaw Tilahun  ( Bahir Dar, Ethiopia )
  • nice makes physics interesting

    2 months ago by abhishek  ( jaipur )
  • Sir your videos are superb . I had problems in NL . But all the concepts are clear . All the examples have been done by sir,which makes understanding be

    2 months ago by pavankalyan  ( visakhapatnam )
  • Dear Sir, I do not have words to express my gratitude to you. You really a great son of this nation. Thank u so much sir Mohith Shadakshari

    2 months ago by Mohith Shadakshari  ( Tumkur )
  • There is only one word that comes to my mind everytime i visit this site..........EXCEPTIONAL. I always ask myself why didn't i found it earlier.

    2 months ago by Suhail Hakeem  ( Kashmir )
  • Sir your videos are superb . I had problems in NL . But all the concepts are clear . All the examples have been done by sir,which makes understanding better.

    3 months ago by Tejan Gupta  ( Bangalore )
  • Thanks a lot sir ur lectures had made my concept extraordinarly clear .Now i'm very comfortable in solving any numerical problem and in analysing a physical situation.

    3 months ago by Vaibhav Kumar  ( Ranchi )
  • i loved the site.."....... I was not able to clear my concepts but i am now seeing this as good sign of improvement by watching sir ashish arora ' s lecture

    3 months ago by ved  ( jaipur )
  • physics galaxy is the best website about physics .ashish arora your lectures are amazing

    3 months ago by dimitris triantafilou  ( Volos Greece )
  • excellent....excellent..excellent

    3 months ago by munde  ( mumbai )
  • sir, all the videos are amazing............the thing i can only say is .....i attend my physics classes at home on my laptop.........all credit goes to you............thnx a lot

    3 months ago by Abhi  ( Mandi )
  • really a very rare thinking of you,sir (hatts off) its excelent and that to free,really u are one of a kind thanks for everything and please continue your contribution

    4 months ago by samprit  ( cuttack )
  • Excellent videos and explained very well

    4 months ago by Ramesh Nagda  ( Indore )
  • sir, your videos are excellent.i tried to learn rotational mechanics from at least two months or so but i could not do it nicely but now after seeing your 42 video collection of rotational dynamics,ii have become perfect in it.i am preparing for iit jee 2015.keep up the hard work so and many-many thanks for your free accessible videos and assignments.i hope you bring something new also if possible as fast as you can so that students can be benifited more.really doing an incredible job.god bless u sir!!!!i hope my physics becomes like you.

    4 months ago by Vineet Chatterjee  ( Singrauli,Madhya Pradesh,India )
  • the lectures gives me differcnce between reading and understanding while reading a book

    4 months ago by laxman bodala  ( hydarabad )
  • awesome website,excellent study material,better than face to face teaching

    4 months ago by tanuj  ( new delhi )
  • i can ONLY SAY ..ITZ AMAzING

    4 months ago by Dev s grewal  ( jaipur )
  • thanks for your lectures and converting it into global accent for foriegn students.impressive wrk done in physics after watching your videos I scored 4.5 in my sat and now i am the valadctorian for my class for year 2014.thanks

    4 months ago by RICHARD UNDERWOOD  ( nashvillie )
  • The lectures are very compact ,to the point,precise and very effective for quick understanding of the topic without any wastage of time.

    4 months ago by Pradeep Sharma  ( Kolkata )
  • Physics Galaxy is the best online portal for learning physics in an interactive way. It stands out as a unique tool for understanding physics in depth. Video lectures of Ashish sir have always been so interesting and explanatory.It helps a lot.

    5 months ago by Ninad Akolekar  ( Indore )
  • Respected Ashish sir ,you are doing an excellent job. I regularly follow your lectures and they are very helpful to me. Thankyou very much

    5 months ago by Nipun  ( Panchkula )
  • i like physics galaxy very much

    5 months ago by AASHIQ MUHAMMED SADAR R  ( kottayam )
  • Physics Galaxy is the best ever physics website i've ever seen. Ashish sir teach so well hat too free of cost. my courtious regards to him for such a great work and such a great preaching

    5 months ago by Ashwin NAir  ( Bhopal )
  • This is a great website, thank you for making it.This is helping me a lot. For better usage adding solutions would be great to the problems in the practise section. But in the end it it awesome<-_->

    5 months ago by Mardokay Mosazghi  ( Eritrea )
  • Really Helpful and Must say easily understandable... Thank you for making Physics so easy for me Mr. Ashish Arora. Regards..

    5 months ago by Deekshant Patwa  ( Jaipur )
  • awesome experience ...ashish sir you are doing a great job ...hats off

    6 months ago by shivam mahendru  ( new delhi )
  • Excelent lecture coverage done by you sir.

    6 months ago by Kaustubh Sharma  ( Jaipur )
  • great lectures sir. I really have enjoyed reading your books.BUT your lectures are truly epic also your pg assignments.AWESOMEE....!

    6 months ago by VAIBHAV GUPTA  ( JAMMU )
  • Awesome lectures ,the best in the world .Sir please write the physics galaxy books for 2nd year syllabus .The student cummunity is very mush indebted for your service .thank you sir

    6 months ago by MANISH  ( Hyderabad )
  • great lectures sir.

    7 months ago by Ashit Anand  ( Gorakhpur )
  • nice coverage done by video lectures

    7 months ago by anish gupta ( Author of book live physics , disha  ( bhopal )
  • Excellent for basic concepts

    7 months ago by shivpujan  ( varanasi )
  • Mr.Asish Arora has done excellent job in providing his vedeo lessons in internet.At the same time we are expecting latest books from him. ...krishna kumar lecturer in physics

    7 months ago by krishna kumar  ( vijayawada )
  • your videos are most helpful in learning the concepts, sir. thank you for putting so much effort,sir.

    7 months ago by V RANGEESH  ( Chennai )
  • best site on the web for jee prep

    7 months ago by rishabh jindal  ( delhi )
  • you helped me so much a large amount of thanks to you

    7 months ago by as  ( baku )
  • SALUTE to u sir,for providing such a great quality and quantity of matter with so much details and perfection.We might not even get such quality of matter at institutes like fiitjee or vidyamandir....n that to for free and at a distance of just a click....just finished watching almost all ur videos.I cud now proudly say that i know much more than my fellow students...Thanku so much sir ....i dont have enough words to thank u..

    7 months ago by kushal kapoor  ( delhi )
  • I really appreciate the work that you are putting into the videos sir, you teach extremely well and i'd like to thank you for making these videos free and easy accessible for us students ! God bless you and Thanks once again!

    7 months ago by Josh D  ( mumbai )
  • sir i secured air 3 in jee advanced watching your videos for physics.

    8 months ago by anand bhoraskar  ( INDORE )
  • Sir u've been my fav phy teacher since when I started watching ur videos. Thank u very much for ur efforts.

    8 months ago by Steve Islary  ( Hyderabad )
  • ur videos cleard da cncpts nd i ws in srch fr a prsn who cn teach me rtation nd u did it sir.. a lot of thnx to u hrtily..

    8 months ago by Sharanagata Chatterjee  ( howrah )
  • i have no words to say thank u. bcz these videos at free of cost are wonderful it helped me in my 11th class and now i am in 12th, also it will prove best. thanks a lot. and i am also belongs to jaipur

    8 months ago by gaurav sahu  ( jaipur )
  • nothing

    8 months ago by sushma supriya  ( visakhapatnam )
  • Super site

    8 months ago by divisha  ( mandsaur )

    8 months ago by suhas G Bharadwaj  ( bangalore )
  • great sir u r the god of physics

    9 months ago by kuldeep gaur  ( taranagar )
  • Hats of to your videos sir. Indeed you have heleped me clearing my doubts. Thank You Sir

    9 months ago by SURYA NARAYANAN M.R  ( Calicut )
  • thank you very much sir, ...your lectures are just fantastic. they are so easy to grasp.

    9 months ago by Akshit Vashishth  ( Mumbai )
  • wonderfull i think ashish arora s the only person helping students by giving free videos to students without any charge

    10 months ago by Teja gowtham  ( guntur )
  • osm video sir thank u

    10 months ago by smrat  ( haryana )
  • thank you sir for giving us this knowledge.your video lectures are superb which have made my concepts clear and helped a lot in physics numericals

    10 months ago by rishabh prakash  ( indore )
  • great job sir.

    10 months ago by drishti yadav  ( bhopal )
  • Thank you, Sir for those wonderful videos! You made Physics a lot more interesting for me.

    10 months ago by Aishwarya Jayashankar  ( Bangalore )

    10 months ago by MALINA PETER ALMEIDA  ( MUMBAI )
  • Excellent material!!! Proving to be awesome for ,my JEE Prep, In fact I'm much better at physics because your these video lectures by sir than my coaching, I'm sure anybody who is studying by himself, can make use of this material of magnificent quality lectures, and can get as good at physics as any guy at an expensive coaching.. Really Great Work Sir! Hats Off!.. Indeed, If I score a good rank in JEE it will owe a large credit to you, and I will Mention it to everyone!

    10 months ago by Abhinav Rane  ( Mumbai )
  • I JUST attended lectures on comunication system and i felt that this was probably the best way of online education.. I would like to thank sir for his help... it was a great experience.. :)

    11 months ago by shivank  ( chandigarh )
  • Excellent attempt sir.This will definitely clear the concepts and misconceptions of our students.A tonnes of salute and thanks to you and your team from my side being as a physics faculty too.

    11 months ago by Asim Kumar Nayak  ( BHUBANESWAR )
  • Excellent piece of work!! Really appreciated and has proved to be a helping hand for JEE preps.! :-)

    11 months ago by Prashanth Vaidya  ( Bangalore )
  • Thank you so much sir for uploading the PG videos. They are an immense help to those who arent in very fortunate areas. I cant thank you enough. If I get a hopefully good result, I would credit you for it.

    11 months ago by Jaya Gupta  ( orai, jalaun, )
  • you are the GOD of physics.I have never seen such a passionate teacher spending his time in making excellent,precise, clear FREE video lectures which serves as the bible for JEE(mains and advanced).Thank u SIR and hats off to u.

    11 months ago by NIKHIL SATISH  ( bangalore )
  • They are doing a great job. They are providing a good opportunity for the students to study at home. And most important thing is that one can learn physics from physics galaxy without spending any money.

    11 months ago by Anurag  ( Korba )
  • this site is really helpful for students who r preparing for IIT JEE without any coaching.... nd for those who havecovered up theirsyllabus the practise test are a full recap of all the concepts and tricks...hats off to u sir for such a noble wok u have done 4 ur students.....

    11 months ago by sudhanshu  ( greater noida )

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